where is indian animation today???

hi people this is vikas new blogger
im an animator.Im here to tell you about animation and indian animation.
i want you look at the present level of animation in full feature animation movies that has been performed by indian animation industry.The studios here are still doing a freelancing job for foreign delegates while the foreign studios are releasing a new animated feature every year.
In indian film industry only one movie has earned well so far that is "HANUMAN" which is a 2d movie....while only two of the 3d movies has been released (roadside romeo and Krishna) and the industry is in a pause mode.
We can se the level of concept that has been potrayed in roadside romeo and krishna....aweful....
these movies are nowhere near movies like Wall E and Kung fu Panda .It will take more 50 years for INDIA to come up with a concept like Wall e and Kung fu panda.
And one more shameful news for indian animated films is the new movies KUCHI KUCHI HOTA HAI.....which is again based on love life of dogs and i bet you will b dissappointed by watching the trailer itself here you go

please god give these directors some amount of creativity!!!