The person who inspired me to become an animator
I was in my seventh standard when this disease caught me.The disease is named as character animator.I saw a cartoon called looney tunes and that was it and at the end of the episode it would appear "Animated by CHUCK JONES" . I knew what i was going to become.
One day my class teacher asked everyone about their aim in life.Some said engineer,some doctors and the rest wanted to flow into the river of MBA.VIKAS SINGH thats me ,wanted to become a cartoon animator.The class teacher looked confused for a moment because he didnt even know about this disease.
I started researching on this disease.After 7yrs when i became a graduate in B.Com (hons) my parents sent me to mumbai because i found a course called MAYA which deals in 3d animation.BINGO!!!! I got what i wanted.
I was the luckiest guy in my class who pursued what he said.

Thanks to SIR CHUCK JONES for creating looney tunes.

The one who can tell a story through a drawing is an animator-VIKAS SINGH